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My App, kidds!


Name: Sarah
Grade:13th? I dunno .. I'm a freshman in college
Location: MA
Where did you find us: LJ community search
Nicknames: Sharah

[Opinons.pick 3]
Abortion: Those who want one should be able to have one, those who are against it don't have to get one ..
Lying: Don't bother cuz the truth will always come out in the end and then you just look stupid.
Gay rights:
Sex: <3

[Tell Us]
Favorite color: pink
Least favorite color: brown
Top 5 favorite movies: The breakfast club, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Chicago, Freaky Friday, Bring it On
Top 3 favorite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Degrassi, Friends.
The year you were born:1988
Will you be active: Probably .. Whenever I'm home I'm usually bored and looking for something to do.
Are you confident: Almost to the point of arrogance, but not quite.
What makes you special: I have great hair and I love to do silly dances
Favorite place to shop at: American Eagle
Favorite bands: Boys Like Girls, Cute is What We Aim For, Butch Walker, Damone, Cocksparrer, The Academy is .. the list goes on and on.

[12 or more words about you]
Funny, optimistic, loveable, cute, outgoing, paranoid, confident, relaxed, independent, stylish, hungry, talented
Why Should we accept you: Cuz I'm real cool <3
Why Do you want to be accepted: I'm usually bored and this could help.

Whats the word: DANCEPARTY!

pics of me..

I'm the one in the blue/grey stripes

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