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these stars will cry, the blackest tears tonight


Name: Steph.

Age: 16.
Grade: sophmore
Location: Woodstock, Ga.
Where did you find us: i was looking under interests for Atreyu
Nicknames: Steph, Stephie

[Opinons.pick 3]

Religion: waste of time. there's so many, how do you really know which one is right?
Lying: above all things i hate it when people lie. i can handle the truth.
Gay rights: a have a lot of friends that are gay, but gay marriage..what a joke!

[Tell Us]
Favorite color: green. (this one)
Least favorite color: light pink.
Top 5 favorite movies: Moulin Rouge, Shakespeare In Love, Devil in the Flesh, Queen of the Damned, The Day After Tomorrow.
Top 3 favorite TV shows:
Seinfield, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Yes, Dear.
The year you were born: 1988
Will you be active: yes.
Are you confident: yes.
What makes you special: um, i really like the color of my eyes, they're really dark.
Favorite place to shop at: Plato's Closet (cheap, and some cute things).
Favorite bands: Atreyu, Blood Brothers, Autumn to Ashes

[12 or more words about you]

Why Should we accept you: well, i don't exactly have a name for how i dress. i have my own style.
Why Do you want to be accepted: most of these communities are bitchy, and the people really annoy me. so this one seems pretty cool.

Whats the word: cheespuffs.


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